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ELHA-MASCHINENBAU Liemke KG was founded around 1930 as a shop for electrical equipment. Later on ELHA started developing and building machine tools for the local woodworking and metalworking industry.

Today ELHA is known for customized machining centers, special machines and production modules. Our employees are the heart of the company, as they are always looking for new innovations to increase the productivity of our customers.


Parallel Kinematic Module

Modules based on parallel kinematics close the gap between classic machine tools and conventional arm robots. The solution offers a high degree of flexibility and can be integrated into other production lines. A large working range and extreme speed are the main features of the PKM. Developed together with our partner:

Serial Robots

We offer industrial robots from renowned manufacturers. No matter whether machining or handling tasks: We equip the motion robots with unique grippers, manufacturing equipment or tools so that they meet your exact requirements.

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Parallel Kinematic Module

Our technology

Parallel kinematic modules meet the highest requirements for rigidity and agility and turn visions into reality. By using parallel kinematics, our modules combine low weight and high speed. Through completely new design, the new robot concept achieves unimagined speed with the highest precision and flexible installation space.

Lightweight high dynamic machine

Due to the low weight of the arm system, highest accelerations are possible. The moved mass is 20 times lower than classic machine tools. A special feature is that the moving mass does not change when the working area is enlarged. At the same time PKM systems are easy to assemble and disassemble.

High accuracy and stiffness

Due to the use of CFRP rods, the PKM  is extremly stiff and has only minimal temperature expansion.

Only axial joint forces act on the robot (no twisting and no bending).

The linear joint axes can be used to tilt the tool. No heavy wrist is needed.

Versatile tool configurations

The PKM is a versatile module that can be equipped with end effectors for a wide range of manufacturing processes, including those with particularly high requirements for accuracy and rigidity. Depending on the target application, there are various options for tool assembly.

Maximum installation flexibility

The mechanical structure of the PKM allows geometric variations of the foundation and frame to a high degree. Compared to a large-sized arm robot, the loads on the building foundation are distributed over the frame and spread over a larger floor area.

Your Advantage

InLine processing modules from ELHA based on the PKM concept combine the advantages of classic machine tools and flexible robot processing. A wide variety of components, including large castings, can be machined directly „inline“ with unprecedented precision and flexibility. By implementing several modules, different processing such as laser cutting, milling and friction stir welding can be realised directly in one line.

Technical data

Max. Velocity 170 m/min
Nominal Velocity 100 m/min
Nominal Acceleration 20 m/s²
Max. Payload 500 kg
Nominal Payload 40 kg
Axial Force (Fz) 6 kN
Radial Force (Fr) 6 kN
Max. Velocity 68 m/min
Nominal Velocity 40 m/min
Nominal Acceleration 6 m/s²
Max. Payload 500 kg
Nominal Payload 120 kg
Axial Force (Fz) 15 kN
Radial Force (Fr) 10 kN

Comparison of Systems

The Parallel kinematic module enables ELHA to quickly and efficiently design and build powerful machine solutions for large work areas.

It is a modular system that can be easily integrated into existing production lines and easily expanded into a multi-robot machine solution. This can also be added after the initial installation.

One or more modules can be mounted in any orientation of the working plane and can be adapted to the given working area.

The Parallel kinematic concept achieves higher accuracy and rigidity compared to a traditional robotic arm manipulator, while retaining many of the flexibility aspects.

Serial Kinematic

We offer industrial robots from well-known manufacturers. We equip the automatic motion machines with unique grippers, production equipment or tools so that they meet your requirements exactly. By combining the latest software and controls, we work closely together with our customers to develop the perfect solution for your manufacturing processes.



Innovative Partnership

Cognibotics specializes in developing innovative robots with record-breaking reach, speed and precision. Together, we combine expertise from both fields and work on a joint process solution for tomorrow’s manufacturing environment. In doing so, we break away from conventional trends in the machining industry.